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Sindh Market New Closing Time | This article is about Sindh news. A notification issued by Sindh’s Home Secretary Dr Saeed Ahmed Mangnejo had stated that the measures were required due to prevalent power outages and load shedding so the shortfall between the demand and supply of electricity could be reduced.

A post-meeting handout from the Directorate of General Public Relations said that from here on markets bazaars and business centers will be closed by 9pm; restaurants by 11:30pm and marriage halls by 10pm. The restrictions will not apply to medical stores while there will be relaxation for the business community on Saturdays.

The handout stated that the business community’s representatives in the meeting fully supported and appreciated the government’s measures to cope with the energy crisis. The Punjab government’s decision comes a day after the Sindh government promulgated similar measures. It noted that the federal cabinet had decided on June 7

to take effective measures to reduce loadshedding by conserving energy and prevent and minimize the impacts of anticipated energy shortfall in the country through a national strategy. Therefore the notification said it was necessary and expedient to enforce certain restrictions in order to control increasing shortfall between the energy generation and its utilization.

Sindh Market New Closing Time By PML(N) Tweet

Sindh Market New Closing Time
Sindh Market New Closing Time
Sindh Market New Closing Time
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Sindh Market New Closing Time

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