GRACEFULLY BROKEN by Nolwazi Mbuli PDF Download


Author : Nolwazi Mbuli

Genre :   Fiction

Description :  Landokuhle Shongwe is a hardworking young woman who rose from being homeless to being the CFO of Biyela Holdings, one of Africa’s biggest companies. Things get complicated for her when her boss asks her to marry his son. She feels she owes him for all he has done for her but the son thinks different. He is determined to prove to his father that behind the sweet girl his father sees is a manipulative woman. But how will he react when she gets under his skin and no matter what he tries to do he cant shake her off. How long will it take for him to give in to his lust or is it love?


About Author

I write to free the little voices in my head, otherwise I would go crazy.

GRACEFULLY BROKEN by Nolwazi Mbuli PDF Download

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