FOUR SISTERS by Nolwazi Mbuli PDF Download

FOUR SISTERS by Nolwazi Mbuli Novel PDF Free Download


Author : Nolwazi Mbuli

Genre :   Fiction

FOUR SISTERS by Nolwazi Mbuli

Description :  Thando, Ndumi, Phepsile and Zethu are sisters who unkowingly share a deep dark secret. Thando reveals the secret when she finds Zethu dying in a pool of her own blood, but no one is willing to believe her. Until her sisters come forward with their own secrets. She fights for her and her sisters to be heard no matter what, even having to fight her own sister who is willing to carry the dark secret with her to the grave. Will Thando succeed with all the obstacles lying on her path or will she have to suck it up and live with the truth buried deep inside her.


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