DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs | Oman Job Vacancy (100+ Posts)

Here at this we are going to update with the most latest DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs opportunities which are Oman Country. DUQM brings various open positions to the table for work at DUQM Refinery both in impermanent and full-time positions. Qualified and experienced experts are mentioned to present a request for employment for intrigued assignment.

Moreover DUQM processing plant professions additionally offer passage level opening for University graduates that require no previous experience. DUQM likewise offers a late spring temporary position program who need to spend the mid year working with creative and helpful staff to look at whether a profession in the petrochemical treatment facility is something that could suit you. DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs

This will assist new laborers with figuring out the work space of DUQM and furthermore gives a chance to accomplish significant work insight. Thus you can visit the DUQM entry level DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs opportunity page to see and apply for structure offers in such manner.

Assuming you will join DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs let me illuminate you that the organization is recruiting workers with energy devotion and responsibility. Thus in the event that you can snatch the difficult open positions and achieve them earnestly, then continue to the employment form and enlistment process right away.

Here are the most recent DUQM Refinery Jobs that might suit your decision. Read this full page for more information like available vacancies list, applying process and jobs benefits etc.

DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs 2022 List

  • Technician, Rotary Maintenance Rotary- Shift D
  • Duqm, Supervisor Maintenance Rotary
  • Supervisor, Static Static Shift – B
  • Supervisor Rotary
  • Officer, HSSE Operational HSSE
  • Duqm, Sr/Engineer Electrical
  • Field. Operator, CDU/VDU
  • Field Operator, DCU
  • OQ8 Fire Fighter
  • OQ8 Logistics & Maintenance Specialist
  • OQ8 – Station Officer
  • OQ8 Sub Officer
  • OQ8 Sr Emergency Control Panel Officer
  • OQ8 Emergency Control Panel Officer
  • OQ8 – Sr. Specialist Incident Investigation
  • Senior Field Operator, HCU Shift Team Leader HCU -Shift C
  • Technician, Static Static Shift – A
  • Technician, Control Systems
  • Technician Instrument Maintenance Instrumentation
  • Technician Electrical Field
  • Supervisor Electrical Field
  • Shift Team Leader CDU/VDU
  • Senior Technician, Rotary Maintenance Rotary- Shift B
  • Senior Specialist, Occupational Health Occupational Health
  • Senior Specialist, Industrial Hygienist Occupational Health
  • Senior Routine Scheduler
  • Senior Field operator, Sulfur
  • Senior Field Operator, DCU
  • Refinery Shift Superintendent Operations
  • Panel Operator, CDU/VDU
  • OQ8 Sr. Planner Routine
  • OQ8 – Quality & Emergency Officer
  • Executive Assistant, Maintenance Maintenance
  • Executive Assistant Operations
  • Executive Assistant, TSD TSD
  • Duqm, Technician Analyzer
  • Duqm, Supervisor Maintenance Rotary
  • Duqm, Sr Engineer RCM
  • Duqm, Lab services Technician

Info About DUQM Refinery

Duqm was a little fishing settlement of the Janubah clan on the shore of southern Oman when a party of warriors of the Muscat and Oman Field Force and geologists of Petroleum Development Oman arrived in February 1954 to start the cutting edge oil investigation of focal Oman. Today it is a modern oil town with an eminent port.

he town has been hoping to increment the travel industry nearby with the Oman Tourism Development Company and is currently vital to the state’s improvement objectives, with a 25-year plan formed in 1995 to build its populace to 100,000 by 2020.

The port has gone through improvement and a shipbuilding office to work with the port was constructed improvement has been progressing by the Jan De Nul Group working on the jetties and quay walls. In March 2005 Oman’s Ministry of Transport and Communications granted the Parsons Corporation an agreement to study and plan another Duqm Jaaluni Airport in order to increment the travel industry.

Oman Air has started administrations at the air terminal on July 23-2014. The arranged Oman Railways undertaking will likewise incorporate a connection to Duqm Port. In 2008 Intercontinental Hotels declared they were to fabricate a 213-room inn Crowne Plaza Duqm.

A coal-terminated power plant has likewise been endorsed in Duqm determined to diminish reliance on flammable gas and Oman has framed a $2 billion arrangement with South Korea to work with it. Duqm’s port and modern zone has likewise gotten weighty Chinese venture. As per The Economist in 2013.

In the event that Duqm took off lethargic Oman may — say the organizers — challenge close by Dubai’s predominance as the district’s exchanging center point with a geologically great area that connects to Asia, Europe and Arabia that likewise evades the pressures of the close by Persian Gulf.

Beginning around 2018 SEZAD has marked manage Duqm treatment facility for renting of 900Ha land, with limit of refining 230,000 barrels of raw petroleum each day. Duqm treatment facility organization is a 50:50 joint endeavor among Oman and Kuwait OTTCO Located at south of Duqm city In region known as Raz Markaz.

The organization means to finish raw petroleum park in 2021 with 25 million barrels of raw petroleum stockpiling capacity. Today it is a modern oil town.

DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs Benefits

Working at DUQM organization will be exceptionally productive for all full-time representatives. Since the organization offers exceptionally appealing and serious remuneration and award bundles as well as worker advantages to hold the profoundly capable individuals in the business.

Through an invigorating workplace development situated work profiles and incredible improvement open doors DUQM endeavors to guarantee the nature of balance between serious and fun activities and whole work benefits. Some DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs benefits are listed below;

  • Balance between fun and serious activities
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Ability Development
  • Wellbeing and Life Insurance
  • Employer stability
  • Organization Culture
  • Vocation Growth
  • Work Satisfaction
  • Work Training

DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs Department and Location

Technician, Rotary Maintenance Rotary- Shift D  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Duqm, Supervisor Maintenance Rotary  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Supervisor, Static Static Shift – B  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Supervisor Rotary  DRPIC  Oman 
Officer, HSSE Operational HSSE  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
Duqm, Sr/Engineer Electrical  Duqm, TSD  Oman 
Field. Operator, CDU/VDU  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
Field Operator, DCU  DRPIC  Oman 
OQ8 Fire Fighter  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
OQ8 Logistics & Maintenance Specialist  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
OQ8 – Station Officer  DRPIC  Oman 
OQ8 Sub Officer  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
OQ8 Sr Emergency Control Panel Officer  DRPIC  Oman 
OQ8 Emergency Control Panel Officer  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
OQ8 – Sr. Specialist Incident Investigation  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
Senior Field Operator, HCU Shift Team Leader HCU -Shift C  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
Technician, Static Static Shift – A  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Technician, Control Systems  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Technician Instrument Maintenance Instrumentation  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Technician Electrical Field  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Supervisor Electrical Field  DRPIC  Oman 
Shift Team Leader CDU/VDU  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
Senior Technician, Rotary Maintenance Rotary- Shift B  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Senior Specialist, Occupational Health Occupational Health  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
Senior Specialist, Industrial Hygienist Occupational Health  Duqm, HSE  Oman 
Senior Routine Scheduler  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Senior Field operator, Sulfur  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
Senior Field Operator, DCU  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
Refinery Shift Superintendent Operations  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
Panel Operator, CDU/VDU  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
OQ8 Sr. Planner Routine  DRPIC  Oman 
OQ8 – Quality & Emergency Officer  All  Oman 
Executive Assistant, Maintenance Maintenance  Duqm, Maintenance  Oman 
Executive Assistant Operations  Duqm, Operations  Oman 
Executive Assistant, TSD TSD  Duqm, TSD  Oman 
Duqm, Technician Analyzer  DRPIC  Oman 
Duqm, Supervisor Maintenance Rotary  DRPIC  Oman 
Duqm, Sr Engineer RCM  DRPIC  Oman 
Duqm, Lab services Technician  DRPIC  Oman 
DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs
DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs
DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs

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DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs Details

Employment InstitutionDUQM Refinery
Who Can ApplyMales and Females
Posting LocationOman
EducationsHigher Secondary, Bachelor’s & Master degree
Employment TypeFull Time
Total PostsMultiple
Post CategoryAll Jobs
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DUQM Refinery Latest Jobs

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